Some participants in The Freedom To Fly have done a lot of energy work and possess extensive knowledge about various types of energy, how to work with it, and what can be done with it. However, there are also many people who have never engaged with energy work before and may not precisely understand what it entails. And everything in between. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum between ‘knowing everything about it’ and ‘knowing nothing about it,’ it doesn’t matter at all when it comes to starting The Freedom To Fly. Just begin and explore for yourself to what extent you want to gain experiences and what you want to do with it. Throughout the process, everything will naturally become clear.

The most important aspect is for you to understand, feel, and acknowledge within yourself that you have your own way. And in that sense, it is also your responsibility to discover that unique approach. The crucial factor is that it feels right for you. There are numerous ways to work with energy, and I offer many of those methods. Sometimes it might be exciting for you, sometimes you might be surprised by the possibilities, and sometimes you might not understand it at all. Alternatively, you may want to combine your own habits with what I do, make adjustments, or replace certain aspects. Regardless, ultimately, you are the only one who can sense what you truly feel. And that makes you the leader in this. That, and the fact that you are already boss of your own energy, your system, your patterns, and your bodies

During my energy work, I use a lot of Sayings, which are statements or expressions. With a Saying, you choose from the infinite possibilities and options for that which you desire. It is a relatively easy and fast way to achieve things. However, it is essential to perform a Saying in a way that truly benefits you. Rushing through it serves no purpose. Simply repeating it without connecting to it won’t help either. But doing it attentively, feeling what happens in your body, is the key. When you do a Saying and sense the feedback from your body regarding what you say, and when you seek the shift occurring within you through your words, then you are on the right track. And if you don’t feel that, you can modify the text or a part of it. Find the right words. Sometimes a small, subtle adjustment can make a world of difference.

In The Freedom To Fly, you receive puzzle pieces and building blocks that allow you to shape your own process. It’s like learning to paint: during an art education, you acquire knowledge and examples, you can experiment and learn techniques. And that’s crucial, knowing certain materials, being able to use tools, understanding techniques, and applying them skillfully. It provides a foundation to build upon. However, what truly matters afterward is that you genuinely make it your own and apply it in your own way. Tuned in to you. Aligned with you. Driven by you. That’s what turns painting into art. Just like the art of energy work.

I refer to a session in which we do the energetic work in The Freedom To Fly as a process, not a meditation or visualization. That’s because you’re actually doing it. You’re actively processing, transforming, or adjusting something within your own energetic system or in your energetic world. You’re truly working with your energy. Countless people have expressed that these processes have a significant positive impact on their daily lives and how they experience them. They also have an effect on long-standing problems or issues that have been struggled with for a long time, sometimes even throughout their entire lives. People have noticed real changes, visible changes, happening here and now. And that’s exactly what I aim for. Not just a beautiful fantasy or a dream, but a practical change. Something that truly benefits you.

Sometimes, the processes may be too fast for you. Remember that you can always click on pause. Some processes we will do slowly, step by step, because sometimes it’s wise to build things up solidly. Once you start applying such a process, for example, on a daily basis, it becomes easier, more quickly and more efficient as you become more proficient at it.

And finally: don’t get stuck for too long in the way I present the processes to you. Once you have a solid grasp of the basics, understand what you’re doing, and have a thorough understanding of how a process works, you can just do it. You can literally engage in complete processes while riding a bike, doing the dishes, or driving a car. And I believe there are many people out there who, like me, eventually work on multiple tracks simultaneously. Sometimes, I can walk through the forest with an audiobook playing in my ears, effectively quieting my brain, and simultaneously engage in a complex and extensive process. And you’d be surprised how many people say, ‘Oh, but I do that too!’

Never forget: you’re here on Earth, and your bodies are yours, your patterns, and structures: it’s your system. Energetic work is, in a way, reclaiming leadership over all of that. Owning all you are. Like a boss.