If you’d like, you can become a part of the private Facebook group The Freedom To Fly. The individuals who choose to join this program often aren’t fond of groups. Many people opt out of the entanglement that often comes with them. In this group, you won’t feel that entanglement at all. It’s very calm there! And in the program’s first module, you’ll learn how to energetically detach yourself from groups right away so that you can embark on your unique journey.

The group provides you with a hassle-free space to ask practical questions about applying everything you learn, in your daily life. You can also ask questions about the program itself.

You can find the group here: www.facebook.com/groups/thefreedomtofly/

I’ll add you as soon as you send a request. When signing up, you’ll need to answer a few questions, which will let me know you’re participating in The Freedom To Fly.


If you have any questions, no matter how small, don’t hesitate to ask. In the private Facebook group, you’ll usually receive the fastest response.

Terms and privacy

When you’re excited about everything you’re learning and getting to know, you might want to share it as well. There are conditions attached to that, as you understand. You can read about these conditions in the Terms and Conditions. By the way, they contain a lot more information that’s important for you. The Privacy Policy is also crucial since it’s about you. Please read them attentively.